Buster Brown

Buster is a very talented little guy. He's tall enough to carry adults, but small enough for children to manage without assistance. He has won numerous championships in shows, competed in endurance rides, jumps beautifully, and is reliable on trail rides. He rides both English and Western. After 32 years of a wonderful life, Buster Brown died on February 27, 2014. Donations are being accepted on our home page.


PJ (as her nickname for a more formal Pajunka) is a beauty; she is a TB/Trachaner cross who is a very verbal lady. She is highly trained, shows dressage and hunter jumper and loves to participate in camp for those more experienced riders. On trail rides, she is happiest if she is first in line.


This beautiful quarterhorse was owned and trained by Mollie O’Hara. She had quite a project in the rescue of this sweet guy. Mollie transformed him from a grouchy horse who pinned his ears into a sweet, lovable horse. He had many good years until his departure. We all miss him.