An 18 hand American Cream. He is a youngster who is still learning the ropes, but he does take trail ride customers out, especially those who want a nice tall guy.


This handsome 9 year old POA guy, with a flaxen mane and tail, has earned so many show ribbons – too many to count. He also loves trail rides and camp. Chief rides both English and Western and jumps like the wind.


Yes, another halflinger to keep Whisk company!

They are cute together.


An American paint horse, but he is unusual as he has no coloring except almost pure red. He is a kind, nice horse who loves kids.


Midnight: this Arabian fellow is so very versatile as he can lead a trail ride out, take children riding, give lessons, do horse camp, and is just generally a nice guy. We resisted naming him Black Beauty but he is still a beauty.


This beautiful proud Norwegian Fiord hails from a hearty breed in Norway. He brings to Kimberly Farms a wonderful disposition, a steady guy that has a huge fan club. Norfi is very versatile; he can give a lesson, jump fences, work with campers, go on a trial ride and win many ribbons at a horse show.


A typical pony, fearless, she will help little kids in lessons and camp and then with a teen rider, gallop and jump like the wind. She is also a super trial horse. This chestnut mare has lots of fans and frequently nickers to all of them.


Our senior citizen quarterhorse. He does not know he is old! He still gives pony rides and occasional lessons.

Thunder Red

This handsome 4-year-old Blue Roam came to us 2 years ago directly from North Dakota. He is one of an endangered breed of NOKOTA’s. See more at www.nokotahorse.org "Blue," as we know him is a sweet, lovely gangly guy. Thunder Red is one of the western true wild horses. He rides English and western and is very comfortable bareback.


One of our adorable ponies. Tilly does not realize that she is a horse, as she prefers to hang out in the barn, loose with people.


Disguised behind this gorgeous full bred Halflinger is a cute trickster horse. Not a mean bone in this body but a cute playful personality. Whisk can be a pony ride horse, work with campers, walk or run on trial rides and win ribbons at horse shows. And he will patiently stand in the arena while campers stand on his back, jump from his rear, hang on his neck and overall “play” with him. He is also a horse celebrity having appeared on the National Geographic TV Series “Building Wild”.