Don't Ride a Horse Without a Helmet And Proper Footwear

You can rent a riding helmet here for a nominal fee.

Closed toe shoes, preferably with a heel, are the safest.

Preparing For Your Trail Ride

We prefer that you reserve your trail ride 24 hours in advance

Bring a camera! There are ample photography opportunities.

Riders on longer trips may want to bring granola bars or other snacks and bottled water.

In summer, long pants, bug repellent and sunscreen are usually a good idea.

Winter Trail Riding Safety

We trail ride all winter if the footing isn't too slippery. We do ride in the snow, even during light snowstorms. Jeans do not hold heat when they are wet, and are slow to dry. Ski pants are comfortable and warm. Fleece is warm even when wet, but wind can penetrate unlayered fleece.

You will be wearing a helmet, but a polar fleece hat that covers the lower face fits well underneath and keeps you warm. Double layers of wool socks and good gloves are useful as well.

Come and enjoy a beautiful experience – people, horses and the outdoors.

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